About me

Welcome to my tech blog.  I am a web developer (can do some design).  You know, too many of them in the world but never be enough.

Web world is change so big for this 16 years.  Still remember from the first day I step into a web market company to write pages and program that we are using text base email with terminal without a browser to HTML 1.0 with mosaic.  Also back-end is change from c and Perl CGI back-end to java, .Net and PHP script base.  Front-end changes from HTML base to JavaScript, flash and now HTML5.  Device changes from a terminal computer to now we use a mobile device with phone apps.  These thing is just happening in a blink of our eyes.

Web is really a place central connect everyone together and that’s why I choose this name. But thing also get complicated too, security, fraud, crime and bullying happens everyday.  And you know, web can even use to put down a few political regime.  So,

Anyway, stay tune to anything I post that related to the web development, web technologies and web related topics.  Although I say it is a technical blog, but, you know, not necessary technical.  I might not be expert in many area but I think worth to share experiences in job, development and many web tech stuffs.  So, hope you enjoy !!