Category: Development

Working with Marvellous Homes

Summer is the hottest time for buying and selling a house.  And it is also a good time for work to work with a real estate agency ~ Marvellous Homes on their websites renovation, internet marketing, SEO, and social media like facebook, intagram, youtube, yelp and etc.  Well, you still need to renovate some of the Read More

Working in Intel Corp for their Project Management System

Intel Corp is one fine place you will want to work there because all the engineer and staff are work hard & play hard, and I got a great team with a lot of flexibility.  Even a Automation Engineer / Web Developer contractor like me, I am really willing to spend more time to work Read More

Work at Bell Media ….

  Work at Bell Media is a big challenge for me because to deal video playing is not a easy job (see how many device I have to deal with plus chromecast html5 development !!!   Well, deal with wide range of big media channel like,, but really open up a whole wide world Read More

Newstar pingpong WordPress launched

I am a table tennis (Ping pong ) serious lovers ….. I am really happy I can help out my coach’s table tennis club and training center website to setup.  Well, you might ask what I done for them.  Well, although for sure it is not a very fancy design because I am using free Read More

WS and Company ~ ERP with ASP.NET MVC & AngularJS

This two years I am working on an ERP (in ws and company).  Recently thinking turn some of the pure ASP.NET MVC 5 to Web API for AngularJS to call.  It is not as easy as I through because the amount of data that the ws requires are much more and require a lot of time to Read More WooCommerce and WP-Lister

             Two month ago I help the owner of WooCommerce and WP-Lister.   Not so hard to install and it is same as a lot of thrid party site you need wordpress and the ecommerce site’s API framework to make thing happen.  It is basically similar to facebook, twitter or Read More

Web App Demo & Prototype / Websites

App Demo, Prototypes, Company, and Sites under my development that are more recent or worth to look at: Children Believe E-Commerce Store front (.NET / React / WordPress) Demo ERP System (.NET) in WS and Company Let me know if you need login to get in. Boom Imaging Online Store Front (.NET) Interesting Online Customize Read More