SEO and Web Marketing Help for my friends ….. Reply to one of my friends and all my friends

SEO, wow, a big topics.   I still remember I help my friend to boost up his business (I focus on business and small business but rules apply to small and big sites) site search engine optimization (so-called SEO) and ranking (almost get him to the top of his keywords)?? At that time, I have Read More

Don’t you like Unix Shell Script …. keep on backup 10 backup file and delete the oldest when the directories got 11 backup

Hopefully useful for everyone if you write unix shell script: ### count number of files in the bcp_backup files ### Z_FILE_COUNT=$(ls /users1/aruser/bcp_backup | grep bcp_classes_dev | wc -l) echo “Numbers of Files in here: $Z_FILE_COUNT” ### if there is 10 or more files, delete the oldest one ### if [ “$Z_FILE_COUNT” -ge 10 ]; then Read More

What have I done in CI Investment as a Web Developer

What sites have I done in CI Investment now as a web developer?  Good question.  More than 50% of time is not maintaining website.  I am actually building up a head to toe CMS system for the annual report system (Java / Flex / Sybase).  Imagine at least 500000 record entry has been add in Read More

Websites that I have worked and I am working now

Company, and Sites under my development, on maintenance now, or previously work on before: Marvellous Homes (and its wordpress blog).  Currently Working for them. Intel Corp and DNV Project Management System Bell Media and its sites includes:,,, Discovery Channel,,,,,, WS and Company and Demo ERP System Toronto STM — WordPress site AZ Read More

Two InDesign Script that search and replace tag content or attribute.

I have written Two InDesign Script that search and replace tag content or attribute.  I contribute it because there is almost no tutorial to teach you how to do search and replace inDesign xml tag attribute and I have bear a lot of pain to develop it.  Eventually finished and hope it can help someone.   Read More

Undergo a choice of CMS

My company is under considering of different content management systems.  Here are the following choice: Magnolia (Java base) — powerful but really expensive.  Need steeper learning curve for me and my colleagues.  Support is wonderful but again expensive.  Plug ins are almost all included.  Feature is powerful. WordPress (php base) — powerful, not expensive (open source), Read More

Indexes for database really make a different in query speed

Last time I have done the formatting workaround with the negative parenthesis.  This time I have to optimize the speed with the sync of the InDesign Plugin in Mac called datalinker from teacup software.  It is a database one-way sync program that does the price for you in InDesign Template Document.  The price is done Read More

Sybase T sql store procedure to substitute the negative number to negative parenthesis with case

I have tried to use a few examples online with and etc, but for sybase 12 I can’t find anything to make my store procedure to convert the negative number to negative parenthesis.  Worst thing is our database server didn’t enable java and I can’t really use replace_regexp to change the negative number to Read More

Stored Procedure for InDesign Database Plugin

Successfully got multi-column store procedure work out with group-by.  Use me around a week to figure it out and work on.  Well, Doing a InDesign with a database plug-in to call store procedure is much complicated than I thought before.  Working with price list like a catalogs and flyer is much simpler with InDesign, but Read More

Start up again with the post of my web techical blog

Welcome to my tech blog.  I am a web developer (can do some design).  You know, too many of them in the world but never be enough. Web world is change so big for this 15 years.  Still remember from the first day I step into a web market company to write pages and program Read More

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