CLBC Photoshop Class


First of all, there are some beginner tutorials if you need some review, because it is impossible to teach you a beginner photoshop course that normally takes six class (with 3 hours each) in a part time community college course:


DESIGN assignment & contest #1:

If you are my photoshop class, start from this minutes you are enter into a challenging design contest.   Here are your challenges:

I want you to create a welcome card with our church building photo, here is an example:


You don’t have to be exactly like this, but there is some requirement to fulfill:

  1. Please create the canvas (or page size) around 700 width by 350 height in pixels
  2. The layout (screen arrangement) must be similar that is the building in the middle and the carmel logos baptist church must be similar to my styles which four words are all separated in location.  (If you have a better layout, colour and font type, go ahead to do your own because it is a contest but just fulfill the requirement)
  3. The church building must be in there in a big decent size.
  4. The following layers must be existed in the following:
    1. building image layer
    2. 4 text layers, one word in each layer:
      1. Carmel
      2. Logos
      3. Baptist
      4. Church
      5. Welcomes you
    3. optional: the brown square background layers (colour is an optional, but use a good colour to show you are a good designer)
    4. optional: the light colour beige square background (colour requirement is same as “C” above)
  5. Please hand in both JPG file and PSD file.
  6. Deadline: June 9 

Here is the photos url to download: church building


Here is the layer I create, I even sepearate the “C”, “L”, “B”, “C” as a layer too.  But you don’t have to follow me.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 12.43.16 PM


DESIGN assignment & contest #2:

Here is the assignment #2 which is also a contest #2.  I will give out some prize over this one:

I want to you to create one of each banner (so, two version) with the following:

Paste Into version with the candle that is inside the big “L”



AND this version with the candle that is a layer:


Think of this will be the next generation Gospel department board banner or your fellowship board banner!!  Anyway, here are what needs to fulfill for this assignment:

  1. You will need to cut out the picture from the big candle picture cut the candle out of a picture.
  2. You will need to paste the candle into the big “L” use paste into.
  3. The following layers are needed to be create:
    1. The Big “L” type layer
    2. The following layer are needed:
      1. “You are the”
      2. “Light of the world”
      3. Matthew 5:14
      4. Optional: Are you the Light of the world?  (I like “is your light shinning to the world?”)
    3. The candle will be cut and paste it as a Layer
  4. Use your good sense to choose layout, font and colour of your banner
  5. Deadline: June 9

Here is the candle image, please click to see it or right click and save image:


Now, I got some sample you can look at:

This one got some Render effect with Len render.  This effect is used in the 2011 summer retreat Poster, cover, booklet, dedication card and powerpoint.



This one will need to cut the light house out and blur it.  If you want to use light house, it is here:  lighthouse

assignment2c_05Don’t be subtle.  This candle is out of the background and attract the audience.  The “light of the world is one layer in white and one layer in white of opacity 25 with some motion blur.



DESIGN assignment #3:

Here is the assignment #3.  It is quite simple.  Just take the house out of the image using the “clone stamp tool”.  I want to know you are able to remove the house and clone the house with the surrounding mountain and grass.  It is a time consuming job so take your time.  Don’t have to be fancy but I just need to know you know how to use it.

Here is the sample:

Before (click on it to see it):

Retreat Image 2012 Before



Retreat Image 2012 After


Requirement for this assignment:

  1. create two layers
    1. one is the image with the house.
    2. two is the image without the house.
  2. Hand in a PSD version.
  3. Deadline: June 1 if you can.  So you can use this image in the class.